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RCSD post-fieldwork seminar, Friday, December 6, 2013

RCSD post-fieldwork seminar, Friday, December 6, 2013

Emerging Civil Society and Democratization in Myanmar: Case Study of Dawei Special Economic Zones

Burmese-Muslim Social Networks in the Borderland: A Case Study of Islam Bamroong Muslim Community in Mae Sot, Tak Province, Thailand


2013 Landmine Monitor report on Myanmar/Burma, press conference in Rangoon

Time & Date: 10:00, 26 November
Place: Taw-Win Rose Garden, No. 221/223, Shwegondine Street,
(Near Gov.Telecoms Tower/Office), Bahan Township, Yangon

Press Briefing: Release of Landmine Monitor 2013

Myanmar/Burma Country Report

This Landmine Monitor annual report on Myanmar/Burma is  is part of our global report, published annually by the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) formed in 1992 to rid the world of the scourge of the anti-personnel landmine. The ICBL is a network of over 1,300 non-governmental organizations in 70 countries, and received the Nobel Peace Award in 1997.

Joint Statement Karen National Union & Restoration Council of the Shan State 26 October, 2013

1. In order to begin a political dialogue, the Government of Myanmar has invited ethnic armed group to sign a nation-wide ceasefire .....

Money, Peace and Conflict: Press launch of a new report

Members of the media, diplomatic community and civil society groups are cordially invited to the press launch of a new report “Economics of Peace and Conflict” at the Myanmar Media Library on Monday 28 October at 2pm.

The Shan Michelangelo

 The Shan Michelangelo

Jim Pollard
The Nation
Wiang Haeng, Chiang Mai October 24, 2013 1:00 am

Temples along the Myanmar border are getting a new lease on life thanks to a Tai Yai artist with flair

Wiang Haeng, in the far north, has some of Thailand's most fascinating temples. But the reason for the attractive border area's growing fame has more to do with its unusually rich history, right up to the curious repercussions of conflict in recent years.

Shan Cultural Presentations to Mark the 2108th Shan New Year Celebrations

Shan Cultural Presentations to Mark the 2108th Shan New Year Celebrations

Date: 24 November 2013Time: 13:00 PM
Finishes: 24 November 2013Time: 18:30 PM
Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre
Type of Event: Celebration

HURFOM releases “Disputed Territory” to highlight unjust land acquisition in Mon areas

Human Rights Foundation of Monland – Burma

The Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM) has released a report titled “Disputed Territory: Mon farmers' fight against unjust land acquisition and barriers to their progress,” to illustrate contemporary struggles against past and on-going land disputes. Drawing from almost 100 interviews conducted in Ye, Yebyu, and Kyaikmayaw townships, the report presents cases of land confiscation and abuse in Mon areas and elevates the voices of farmers who are actively pursuing justice.


Since signing ceasefire and peace agreements with successive Burmese Governments, armed ethnic groups have been able to create a number of business opportunities in the country. As part of the first ceasefire processesthat began in the late eighties/early nineties, armed ethnic groups were able to become legally involved in logging, mining, import and export, transportation, and a number of other businesses.

Statement (A condensed version)

(A condensed version)

Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) issues statement:

a.    The 9-23 June trip to Naypyitaw where Chairman Sao Yawdserk met President Thein Sein was a major step in the forging of peace

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Last of the breed: life of a Shan prince (Part One)  Renowned Australian journalist Phil Thornton interviewed Sao Hso Hom, son of Sao Sam Tun, late Prince of Mongpawn and


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