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Urgent Clarity Needed as 4-Year Thailand Migrant NV Deadline Expires

There are an estimated 3 million foreign migrant workers in Thailand, over 80% originating from Myanmar. Since the late 1980s, these workers have irregularly crossed borders to work in mostly dirty, dangerous and demanding jobs in Thailand thereby significantly contributing to Thailand’s economy and providing billions of dollars in remittances to support relatives in origin countries. These workers continue to face significant exploitation and confusing piecemeal government migration policies.


Great News & Commentary Website

Just a short message to say that, over the past four years here on the Thai-Burma border, I have found the news and insightful commentaries on your English language website very useful in understanding the historic and contemporary ethnic situation in Burma .

The journey has already begun: A report from the inaugural Myanmar Banking and Finance Conference

Reinhard Hohler, Chiang Mai (14.08.2013)

Some 250 delegates from 10 countries gathered at the Traders Hotel in Yangon on July 16-17, 2013, to attend the inaugural Myanmar Banking and Finance Conference. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Commerce, and in collaboration with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the conference was successfully organized by Sphere Conferences, a leading multimedia group from Singapore.

Urgent Appeal for Flood Victims in Karen State

Urgent Appeal for Flood Victims in Karen State

In late July, severe flooding devastated large areas of Karen State, Burma, leaving thousands homeless and without access to food and clean water. The Emergency Assistance and Relief team (EART) is calling for urgent assistance to deliver aid to families seriously affected by the floods.

Shan community groups fear signs of premature refugee repatriation

9 August 2013

Press release by Shan Community Based Organisations

Shan community groups are concerned at signs that Burmese authorities are preparing to repatriate Shan refugees from a camp in northern Thailand, even though there is no guarantee for their safety.

Photo exhibition “On the beaten track: A half-century of photography and change among highlanders of Thailand” 9-25 August, 2013

Photo exhibition “On the beaten track: A half-century of photography and change among highlanders of Thailand” 9-25 August, 2013

This exhibition depict the transformations that have occurred in the highlands of Northern Thailand over the last fifty years. The images come from the private collections of anthropologists, missionaries and development experts both Thai and foreign

Opening of Photo Exhibition "Rohingya...Running on Empty", Book Launch, Film and Discussion , 8-9 August, 2013

Opening of Photo Exhibition

Stateless Rohingya: Running on Empty is the title of a new photo exhibit and an accompanying book of affecting images and text by internationally acclaimed Thai photographer Suthep Kritsanavarin. The exhibit and book, published by Chiang Mai University, seek to increase understanding of one of Southeast Asia's most persecuted ethnic and religious minorities through evocative, often emotional images and related essays.

Re: "Can non-Burma Unite?, SHAN, 19 July 2013

My answer to this question is of course, they can, and they must if they are to survive. But, if they should leave it any longer, it will be too late and they will lose everything. Some superpower, like the UK seems to be legitimizing and accepting the Burmese dictatorial army as the legitimate army of Burma, instead of treating it as the enemy of the people, and perpetrator of heinous human rights violations against the citizens, since 1962 until now.

'Online Media in Burma Today' forum, Thursday 11 July at Chiang Mai University

'Online Media in Burma Today' forum, Thursday 11 July at Chiang Mai University

The Best Friend will be co-presenting an extremely timely forum and discussion at Chiang Mai University. Online Media in Burma Today will bring together Burmese journalists, cyber security experts, academics, and community members to discuss issues and challenges related to information access, freedom of expression, and online censorship and surveillance. We hope that you will be able to attend and join the discussion.

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Last of the breed: life of a Shan prince (Part One)  Renowned Australian journalist Phil Thornton interviewed Sao Hso Hom, son of Sao Sam Tun, late Prince of Mongpawn and


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