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Emerging women of Burma

Dear friends,

We women will run an awareness raising campaign about women’s contribution to society in Burma.  We want to promote women role models for the new generation.  The campaign will run online in English and Burmese and an event will be organized in Chiang Mai in August-September 2013. We also hope to collaborate with print and online media to widen the campaign’s audience.


Nine Shan FBR Teams Complete Leadership and Ethnic Unity Training and go on Relief Missions in Shan State

Nine Shan FBR Teams Complete Leadership and Ethnic Unity Training and go on Relief Missions in Shan State

25 May 2012
Shan State, Burma

This month nine new Shan FBR relief teams complete their 8th annual Shan leadership and ethnic unity training. Lead by Shan, Karen and Karenni FBR staff , Â the new teams learned medical, reporting, lifesaving, swimming, counseling, photography, video, mapping, land navigation, GPS, Good Life Club outreach to children, leadership, rappelling and many other skills to prepare for relief missions in Shan State.

Thein Sein and China must stop pipeline project to prevent escalation of conflict in northern Shan State

May 22, 2013
Press release by Shan community based organisations

Shan community based groups warn that recent Burmese government army attacks in northern Shan State, causing displacement of over 3,000 villagers, are directly linked to China’s oil and gas pipelines, and urge Burmese President Thein Sein and China to stop the project immediately before violence escalates even further.

Presentation & Discussion "Surviving: Living on A Rubbish Dump"

Presentation & Discussion

In Mae Sot, six hours south of Chiang Mai, hundreds of migrants from Burma have been surviving for years on a large rubbish damp. They have fled decades of turmoil in their own country, and now struggle in a makeshift community of their own cretaion.

Newsletter: Our library needs your help, plus a bevy of upcoming events in Chiang Mai!

Newsletter: Our library needs your help, plus a bevy of upcoming events in Chiang Mai!

Dear Best Friend Members and Supporters,

We have several upcoming events in Chiang Mai to let you know about, but first we'd like to share details about a very important campaign...

As many of you know, the staff and volunteers of The Best Friend Library in Chiang Mai have worked incredibly hard over the past four years to sustain our programs with small donations and the slight profits received from selling our fundraising items. We are now ready to launch our first-ever, large-scale fundraising campaign, and we need your help to make it a success!

“Understanding Myanmar’s Development” Research Fellowships 2013-2014

In recent years, the international community has witnessed many positive changes in Myanmar, including greater space for civil society, an expansion in freedom of expression, and evident government concern about environmental and local livehood issues resulting from large-scal development projects. With new foreign investment laws and the lifting of economic sanctions by Western countries, Myanmar is opening repidly to the global market economy. With the country's plentiful resources and the input of foreign investment, Myanmar is ready to pursue economic growth under the name of "development".

Thein Sein government must be held accountable for fresh Burma Army atrocities in Shan State

April 22, 2013

Statement by the Shan Human Rights Foundation

The Shan Human Rights Foundation is gravely concerned at fresh widespread atrocities by the Burma Army against civilians in Tangy an, northern Shan State, and is calling on the international community to hold the Burmese government accountable for these abuses.

Campaign for Indigenous Minorities of Burma

Hello and many apologies that this is in English only,

I am writing to you from an Art and Activism Project called Roots To Resistance which does it's work in the eastern US. We bring issues, campaigns and challenges from World Communities to International audiences through Public Art and through a series of Postcard and Street Postering campaigns that we send across the Planet free to all. We are painting the 8 foot high larger than life sized Portraits of 12 Global Women Activists doing profoundly important work and it is through these Women that we focus on the issues, battles, challenges and triumphs being faced by their People and Communities.

An invitation to a seminar "Religion, Development and Modernity in Southeast Asia"

An invitation to a seminar

April 26, 2013 13.00-16.30
4th floor meeting room Operational Building Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University


“Surging Forward? Progressing research on Religion and Development” by Philip Fountain, National University of Singapore

“Civilizing Across Border: Christian Propagation among Hmong People in Upper Mainland Southeast Asia”

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Shan Drug Watch Newsletters


Last of the breed: life of a Shan prince (Part One)  Renowned Australian journalist Phil Thornton interviewed Sao Hso Hom, son of Sao Sam Tun, late Prince of Mongpawn and


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