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News Brief

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News Brief

Arrest of farmers continues

Farmers who failed to meet the military-regulated rice quota were still being arrested and jailed, reported S.H.A.N. source from Hsipaw last Saturday (7 Arpil).

The source said many of them were from the villages of Nakeo, Kungyang and Tatay. Anyone whose family managed to raise enough rice were released. "It costs them a lot of money and debts," he said. 

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Re-relocated villagers fleeing

Villagers of Wanzing, Kunhing Township, southern Shan State, have been leaving the village lately, said the source from the north. 

The villager told the source they could not stay there, because they were required to buy 1 packed mule for each patrol, keep a batch of porters that is changed every three days stand-by and keep a Tolaji (farm tractor used for transportation) everyday stand by for army use. The unit stationed there is LIB 516, they said. 

Villagers of Wanzing were forcibly relocated to nearby towns in 1997, but ordered to move back to Wanzing two years later.